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Step Four: View Thumbnail Images

When you have selected your state, city, and date, you will be taken to a page containing thumbnail sketches of the sheets for the map you have selected. Thumbnail sketches are smaller versions of each individual map sheet

choose a sheet

Clicking on either the thumbnail image or the sheet number information beneath it will open a pop-up window displaying the full-size map for your selected sheet.

Only 25 thumbnails will appear per screen. If there are more than 25 sheets within the map, you can scroll through the additional thumbnails using the navigation icons at the bottom of the screen.

The sheet number for the image displays underneath the thumbnail. Maps with several sheets also include a key sheet and/or an index sheet. A key sheet provides a birds-eye view of the city. You will be able to see sheet numbers (or volume numbers) over different areas of the town. An index sheet provides an alphabetical list of streets (usually including block numbers) and prominent buildings, labeled "specials." The index refers you to the sheet number for that address or building. If the sheet is a Key Map, Index, or both, that will be specified before the sheet number. Sheets numbered with a 0 (zero) do not have corresponding sheet numbers.

Bound volumes, each containing approximately 100 sheets, were created for large cities. In Digital Sanborn Maps if you select a map that is divided into volumes, you are automatically taken to the first volume in the set. A volume selection box appears to the right of the date box to allow you to view other volumes. If you select a map date for a map containing volumes, a volume drop-down will appear next to the date drop-down. The first volume is automatically selected, and the corresponding thumbnails appear below. Please note that this drop-down will not display if the selected map has no corresponding volumes.

View Note
Additionally, some maps are accompanied by a comment. Clicking on the Editor's Comment link will open up a separate window displaying the comment. Please note that the Editor's Comment link will not display if the selected map has no corresponding comment.

Select a New City or Date
The drop-down menus for choosing a city and a date are both available on this screen so that you can select a new city or a new date if you wish. If you select a new city from this screen, your page will be refreshed and the drop-down menu will contain a list of map dates available for your newly selected city. Please note that the thumbnail images will not display if you select a new city. If you select a new date from this screen, a new set of thumbnail images reloads for the date. If you want to switch to another state, click Browse Maps on the upper toolbar.

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