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Step Three: Choose a Date

As cities expanded, the Sanborn Company created new maps to document changes and update their records. The dates listed for each city tell you when new versions were created. For additional information on dates, see navigation help.

Once you have selected a city, your screen will be automatically refreshed and you will be taken to a page displaying a drop-down menu containing a list of dates for that city's available maps.

choose a date

Dates are listed in chronological order with the earliest date first. Use the drop-down menu to select your desired date. When you have selected your date, your screen will be automatically refreshed and you will be taken to the thumbnail images for that date.

The drop-down menus for choosing a state and a city are both available on this screen so that you can select a new state or a new city if you wish. If you select a new state, you will be taken to a page containing the corresponding cities for that state, as in step two. If you select a new city, your page will be refreshed and the drop-down menu will contain a list of map dates available for your newly selected city.

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